General Studies and I.T. : About the Curriculum


  • To provide a diverse learning experience, so students can gain a better understanding of themselves, their society, country and the world around them.
  • To inspire students’ interest in learning, to develop their generic skills and curiosity to discuss themes and issues related to science, technology and society.
  • To nurture positive character traits in students. To cultivate strong core values, develop a healthy outlook on life, and embody the role of a positive member of society.
  • To guide students to higher-ordered and independent thinking, so as to prepare them for a rapidly-changing world of information and technology.


  • To integrate STEM activities to expose students to exploration, creativity and problem-solving.
  • To promote self-learning through “project-based learning”, “collaborative learning” and “science and technology creative learning”.
  • To provide opportunities for students to practice life-wide learning by organizing more class trips and competitions.