Music : About the Curriculum


  • To foster a focused and progressive learning environment through a module-based teaching categorised by music elements, so students can have deeper insights and more consolidated knowledge.
  • To provide a holistic music experience through playing, composing and listening.
  • To encourage students to express their feelings through music.
  • To introduce manner and basic knowledge of music through a variety of events.
  • To broaden the horizon and strengthen the sense of identity by introducing music around the world.
  • To synergize with multiple areas (e.g. technology, project study, civil education, etc.) in order to enrich students’ musical experience.


  • Our curriculum contains four learning targets: ‘Developing Creativity and Imagination’, ‘Developing Skills and Processes’, ‘Cultivating Critical Responses’ and ‘Understanding Arts in Context’.
  • The content of each teaching module is arranged to promote a progressive learning environment that suits the ability of students along their development. Students are required to learn different musical instruments throughout P1 to P6 and are granted chance to play and sing in groups which can develop the skills of sight reading, sight reading and appreciation.
  • We provide a variety of events, for example, lyrics composition, rhythm composition, and sound creation, etc. Students can join different groups and collaborate with different people which helps them to get used to communication and collaboration, as well as to enhance their problem-solving skills and team spirit.